What effect does your smoking have on your little sister? How far would you go to get money to buy cigarettes? Is smoking really a killer or have we all been fooled?

These are the kinds of questions young people investigated as part of the smokefree theme ‘Overlooked’.
Hundreds of teenagers got involved in Kick Ash 2015/16, spreading the word that being smokefree is the key to a brighter, healthier future. Some danced, some rapped, some took some amazing photographs and others made amazing films – but all of them found their own way to have a great time and do something worthwhile.

No-one gets overlooked at Kick Ash!

All of the Overlooked projects have been used to discuss the physical and emotional damage that smoking can do that we might not be aware of, and how smoking behaviour can affect those around us in ways we didn’t realise. Here is what some of the groups have been up to this year:

The Source Youth Centre – started off with a barge trip to uncover the Black Country we ‘overlook’, then made a film with Supatrax, click here to see the film. 

Meadow Road Youth Centre – wrote and recorded a song with Round Midnight theatre company, click here to see the film. 

Ellowes Hall School – had a day off-timetable with dancers, photographers,drama workers and makers.

Woodside Children’s Centre – young moms made Christmas decorations with Sarah Fereday and explored Dudley Zoo and Castle with their children.

Sutton School – worked with artist Peter Chaplin to create a Nicotine Monster.

CHADD Churches Housing Association of Dudley and District – went on a theatre trip to The Arena in Wolverhampton then discovered the power of mask work with VAMOS Theatre.