Smokefree Me

Kick Ash Ambassadors worked with film company Supatrax to produce this advert.

They wanted to show you how uncomfortable, frustrated and powerless other people’s smoking makes them feel; how they feel like victims of other people’s decisions – from family and friends smoking around them to tobacco companies making money from their vulnerability as young people.

Though they can opt for not being a smoker, being smokefree they believe is not ultimately their choice.

You need to watch the ad a few times to read the deeper stuff – that clown for example, he represents the big tobacco companies who are carelessly spreading a killer habit to anyone who gets hooked. See how the clown has a mask so he’s not actually harming himself?

The ‘Toxic Party’ of young people chilling in a park breathing in car fumes and drinking other toxic fluids highlights the substances  that are in cigarettes . . . no one would really have a party like that, so why would we smoke cigarettes and inhale the same harmful substances?  That young mom is feeding her baby a bottle of tar!!

And the brick wall speaks for itself really – that’s what young people feel they’re talking to when they try to reason with someone they love about smoking.

Have a look throughout the film to see if you can spot the younger girl with the balloon. She’s watching everything from a distance, until in the end she has her first cigarette. That’s exactly what happens in real life – every single one of us learns by watching others, for good – and for bad…

Let’s get this film shown to as many people as we can and show the world that the next generation will not be taken for a ride.


Thorns School and Community College

A live, gritty piece of drama in collaboration with Fizzog Productions.

The-SourceThe Source Youth Centre

Sand animation from sessions with artist Peter Chaplin; a music soundtrack produced with Chris Mapp; photography with Ming de Nasty and t-shirts printed with Benny Semp and Ruth Radcliffe.

Castle-High-SchoolCastle High School

Lego brought to life after animation sessions with Carl Morgan from Supatrax.


Dramaworkshop wrote and directed a powerful film drama with Esther Stanford documenting a family’s bad habit….

RedhillRedhill School

Redhill School spent research and design time with The Cultural Sisters creating a workshop kit to use with new Year 7 pupils.